Veterans of Venitarri

Where There's Smoke...

The party, suspecting Nalazeeb is not being forthright, seeks the help of the fanatical Pelorites (who turn out to be kindly and righteous, if stiff). The party fights off a gang of ruffian spies, disrupts a hellish ritual killing skeletons, cultists and necrotic goo. The day ends with a fight at the Opera house as the new diva begins her ill-fated aria. The opera itself is suspected as a part of the ritual and a fight breaks out in the operahouse.

The group finishes off Nalazeeb, his henchmen and two gargoyles during the opera’s aria. Their final act of heroism was to take down the dragonborn bodyguard and a zombie hulk – all this while navigating panicked opera crowds and waves of stampeding locals running for cover. Whew.

Epilogue: Black smoke rises from the king’s castle signaling the death of King Edward the Kind. With no heir, it will be to the local temples to count the votes to be cast by lords and wealthy merchants to select a new king.

Or… there is another way. The Book of Names lies lost in the ruins of an ancient temple. The book holds the name of all kings past – and those to come. The party is asked to travel with the king’s train to his final resting place as representatives of the temple of Pelor. Along the way, there are to sneak off, and journey to the Dark Mor swamplands in search of the lost temple and retrieve the book.

Surely this book is a threat to the power hungry. Any with a claim to throne will refute the validity of the book, and more likely want to see it not found and returned to venitarri, and even better to be destroyed.



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