Veterans of Venitarri

To Change a Vote

The party still had to change the 2 “no” votes against Fenris. At the shuttered air ship factory, they encounter villains stripping the place bare, including the previously thought dead Grodan Tubbs! Luckily enough for the party, they quickly find and rescue the iron lord, …(?) and earn his gratitude.

A fight ensues high up on the air ship docks that soon reveals Grodan to be nothing more than a despicable doppelganger in the thrall of another. Unfortunately, in the fight, one the party’s newest members, the half-elf Bro’ falls to his doom.

Later, social sparring occurs at the swanky party for the king. Face time with the second “no” voter, Nalazeeb San, is interrupted by crude and rude Duergar party crashers. Air ships race and clash, but the party can only limp away without being able to take out the dark dwarves, though they did their best against the dirigible.

Final scene: Nalazeeb’s only requirement to change his vote was a private meeting between himself and the child king. A worried party reluctantly agreed. Did they do right?
[please edit as you see fit, as I can’t quite remember all the details]



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