Veterans of Venitarri

The Ghoulish End of Grodon Tubbs

Peregrina, Rucchio, Uthal, and the cleric escorted Fenris Olin, the new king-to-be, past Grimhill and his pet bear — and then a pack of wererats — to Venitarri. However, it seems the church of Pelor has not secured enough votes from lords and wealthy merchants to move forward with the coronation. The party was tasked with swinging the votes of three men: Grodon Tubbs, air-ship builder; Tomias, importer of iron from the north; and the son of Nalazeeb, the tiefling killed in the first adventure.

Setting out first to meet with Grodon, the party suspects foul play after learning of the ship-builder’s odd behavior. They find his dead body cast on the shore at Dead Man’s Rocks prepped for dinner by a gang of ghouls. Good night, ghouls.


Go cleric!!! Really peregrina, Rucchio, and Uthal are just his (her?) henchmen.

The Ghoulish End of Grodon Tubbs

Yes, ever Miss Vidalia’s loyal henchfolk.

The Ghoulish End of Grodon Tubbs

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