Veterans of Venitarri

A New Hope

A new group of adventurers journey to the swamp, kill the dragon and return with the book. The next King’s name is listed as Fenris Olin of Riverberry. The party is sent by the church to collect Fenris Olin, next King of Venitarri.

The group ventures up the river to Bankedge. The townsfolk meet them with mistrust. Unsurprising, the group consists of a hulking bugbear, a un-undead Warlock, a goatman and a lone human. They learn from a broke prospector that Riverberry is to the north and east along a trail that he can show them.

They find a clearing with tall standing stones arranged into runic shapes.


No one knows what they might mean or what purpose the site serves.

They venture on to Riverberry and find it completely destroyed. They glimpse a young boy disappearing into a building just as they are attacked by a band of goblinoid creatures. The battle is bloody and goes poorly for both sides. The cleric flees hoping to stay alive long enough to help the others after the goblins leave, but doesn’t get far before a large explosion rocks the already destroyed village.

The boy seems to be the source of the explosions and is likely the cause of the town’s destruction.

Meet Fenris. Hail to the King?

The young boy doesn’t appear to be aware of the explosions or know how his village was destroyed. The group – hoping for insight – takes the boy to the standing stones. They are attacked by ghosts that call the boy ‘murderer.’ The ghosts shelter in the stones, evading attack, and the party leaves the site.

The party gets lost on the way back to town. The cleric secretly speculates that the gods do not want young Fenris to be king, whatever the Book might say. Her misgivings are further confirmed when the group is attacked by orcs in the night.

All survive the attack and the group is now faced with trying to stretch out their thinning rations while surviving the wilderness – without a guide or a clue.



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